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Podcast: Filmmaker's Stories - Christian Dines

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

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This Episode’s Guest - Christian Dines, Director of Yellow Jacket and Somero.

In this final episode of Filmmaker’s Stories series 1, I caught up with director, editor, writer and old friend of mine, Christian Dines. Originally from East London, Christian quickly realised filmmaking was the avenue he wanted to explore, having been inspired by various films from a young age. Christian started out as an actor and proceeded to develop his first short film ‘Perceptions’ in 1999, screening to an audience at a pub, and was his first sign of success. Christian’s now made around 80 short films and currently at post production stage for his second feature film, Somero, the story of two people forced together in a lockdown…what are the chances! With 24 years of experience behind him, Christian reveals the challenges an indie filmmaker faces, and unravels his own unique process.

In this episode Chris talks about:

  • The creative control gained from directing compared to acting.

  • The challenge of getting films seen by a broader audience.

  • The importance of trust on-set.

  • The value of preparation.

  • The importance of casting the right actors as well as crew.

  • Pros and cons of a director shooting the film themselves.

  • Putting yourself in the audience mindset throughout the filmmaking process.

  • Ensuring the film lives up to the script’s initial intentions.

  • Listening to feedback when it’s warranted.

  • What an indie-filmmaker faces in the current industry.

You can find Christian Dines on:

Instagram: @christiandines

Twitter: @ChristianDines

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