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Welcome to JB Audio Post Production!

We are an independent audio post facility providing complete sound services for indie filmmakers, creative agencies and production companies which are ambitious, creative and has a great story to tell. They are people who make their projects not just to stand out from the crowd, but to impress it. If it's you, we need to talk.

Check out our reviews section for testimonials and drop us a line, this could be a beginning for a beautiful friendship.


At JB Audio Post, we always work hard to provide the best service we can, not just because we value our client, but because we believe in the simple truth - a happy client makes world a better place.


Audio post production is just a small part of the whole filmmaking process, hence it is often overlooked. But in the same time, it's the one element that makes everything else come together - the look, the feel, the story.

We believe that finding the right people to trust your work to, is half of the job and our track record of delivering great sounding five star mixes will make sure that your project impresses the audience and leaves a long lasting impression.


The aim is not only to provide the service, but also to inspire and achieve dreams and visions. We put energy into listening to client and responding to their needs. We use our experience, skills and expertise to bring client's ambitions to life and provide the service they deserve.

It doesn't matter if you're working on a low budget indie film, or for a well established international production company, the service and attitude will always be of the highest quality.


So, if you have a project coming up or looking for a place to do your audio post, get in touch, we will be happy to hear from you.

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