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Podcast: Filmmaker's Stories - Samuel Gridley

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

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This Episode’s Guest - Samuel Gridley, Director of ‘Criminal Audition’

Criminal Audition is being release in the US and Canada on 13th October and the UK on 26th October. It's a debut horror feature film by Sam, produced by Luke Kaile, Nathaniel Francis and Luke Mordue. Watch it on Prime, iTunes, Comcast, Shaw.

Criminal Audition follows an ex-lawyer and his team who run an underworld service, seeking the most desperate (and greedy) to become fake criminals, taking the fall for the crimes of the rich and powerful, in a process known as CRIMINAL AUDITION.

The film stars a diverse cast in the guise of Ben Scheck, Jonathan Burteaux, Cameron Harris, Blain Neale, Scott Samain, Rebecca Calienda, Noeleen Comiskey, Luke Kaile, Rich Keeble and Angela Peters.

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In this episode Sam talks about:

  • Being a multi-faceted individual.

  • The value of helping other people make their films.

  • The journey of creating Criminal Audition.

  • Being aware of what your audience wants.

  • Not shooting too much coverage; not dwelling too much on shots.

  • How to cope with the challenges of being an indie director.

  • The importance of having a script supervisor.

  • The afterlife of your film; an investment for the future.

  • Exhibiting your film wherever possible.

  • Being specific with your choice of film festival.

You can find Samuel Gridley on:

Twitter: @thesamgridley

Find out more about ‘Criminal Audition' here:

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'Criminal Audition' Trailer

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