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Podcast: Filmmaker's Stories - Nathaniel Francis

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

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This Episode’s Guest - Nathaniel Francis, producer of Criminal Audition (2019).

Here on Filmmaker’s Stories, we’re a big fan of recent release, Criminal Audition, so we have one final perspective on the production of this great film for you to eavesdrop on!

This week we hear from freelance producer, Nathaniel Francis. Nathaniel started out his journey in front of the camera, but quickly fell into producing after acting on a poorly-produced production, quickly realising he could do a much better job. We asked Nathaniel to discuss his experiences of the producing world and his lessons learned along the way. For Nathaniel, it’s all about giving that 110%, whatever work you’re doing, ensuring you’ve always got another project or idea up your sleeve, and ready to go.

If you’d like to hear more about Criminal Audition, check out episodes 3 and 7 for other interesting accounts and stories. You can also stream the film now on Amazon Prime…but we recommend sticking around for this episode first.

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In this episode Nathaniel talks about:

  • Experiencing problems and learning to deal with them as the role requires.

  • Giving your best efforts and the opportunities this leads to.

  • Having more than one project in the pipeline.

  • Creating a proof of concept short film (POC).

  • Keeping cast and crew in good spirits when there’s a low budget.

  • Learning to work around the budget and finding other routes to get the best out of your project.

  • The importance of catering on-set.

  • Understanding how films grants may or may not be beneficial to your project.

  • The difficulty of securing finance for your film and the element of luck.

  • Realising the full film process and working backwards to figure out where you are headed.

  • Understanding sales agents.

  • Diversification of the film industry.

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