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A filmmaker, a producer, a creative that has an eye and passion for telling stories through the pictures.

You need audio post for an indie feature film, TV documentary, commercial or a corporate brand video. Perhaps you just need your podcast to be edited or a voice over recorded.

Either way, you are looking for someone who can do just that within the scheduled time and in the budget you have.


Engineers by skill, creatives by soul. We combine the two and we pride ourselves in that.

Over the years we have provided creative sound design, supervised feature films, recorded ADR, voice overs, podcasts and mixed documentaries for broadcasters like BBC, Sky, National Geographic to name a few.

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Want your project to stand out?

Let us turn it into gold.

We are a full service audio post production facility.



5.1 Surround and Stereo mixing for TV and Film to required specifications, including R128.


Sound Editing

Clean up the dialogue from clicks and pops, so that it all sounds smooth and consistent.


Sound Design

Carefully crafted sound design for a commercials, documentaries, short or feature films.


Sound Supervising

We will take care of full audio post of your project - feature or short film, documentary or commercial. All aspects of post sound is covered- from ADR to sound design to music composing to final mix.



Room-in-the-room VO booth. Record clean and rich voice overs for commercials and documentaries.



 We work with the best Foley artists in the business to guarantee bespoke and authentic Foley for your project.


​Our sound studio and workflow at The Nest has been built and tailored to benefit client the most in a way that is efficient and smooth, which allows to save money on already tight budgets. 

Carefully picked top end audio equipment is there to guarantee excellent quality end results.

Experienced sound designers and dubbing mixers ensure the superb sounding end product.

And friendly atmosphere of The Nest will make you wonder: "This is exactly what I was always looking for!"


We​ ​work ​EFFICIENT, we ​provide fantastic QUALITY and we ​DELIVER smiles on client faces.

Filmmaker's Stories Podcast

New Episode Out Now!
Here the stories from an everyday filmmaker's around the world


If you are someone who appreciates quality food, here's a little short film from the new 'Best Of British' miniseries with Michelin star chef Lee Westcott, we worked on recently.

These short little stories explores the process of sourcing and cooking fresh British produce.

This episode tells the story of supplying the freshest fish from the depth of the ocean to the plates of the top UK restaurants.

Want your projects to sound like this?


"Janis did an absolutely brilliant job on our series, working quickly to produce truly great results. He really cares about what he does and it shows in his work. The sound across the series was smoother than a baby dolphin. Thanks Janis!"

—  Ellie Winstanley | Freelance Series Producer on 'Mind Yourself, Snapchat Originals


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