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Professional Quality



Record Podcasts

From The Comfort of

Your Own Home


It’s no news to you that the way the world is working has drastically changed. Our homes have become our offices and safe havens. 


To keep business moving, we have adjusted voice over and podcast recordings workflow to fit the new circumstances. 


We now provide remote podcast recordings online. More people are at home and online looking for engaging content, so what better time than to keep recording those podcasts and reaching new subscribers?


Podcasters can continue to record from their own home along with guests, producers and directors joining the session from their kitchen tables. 


The main benefits of utilising our online facilities are:

  • ISDN quality remote voice recordings, listeners won’t know the difference

  • Maintain team connection and run a session just like at the studio

  • All podcasts will be edited and mixed and delivered in 12hrs


What You Get?

- Brand new podcast microphone shipped straight to your home.

- Advice and Assistance from our technical support in setting up your recording workstation.

- Record a high quality podcast.

- Record a podcast with up to 3 other people. 

- Get the podcast edited, mixed and delivered in 12 hrs. 

- Keep the microphone. It's yours.

- You save on every next podcast you record with us.

Find out how you can record a professional quality podcasts from your home ?

Leave a message below!

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