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Podcasts Are Huge And If You're Not Into Them, You're Missing Out

Voice is the future. It's how brands will engage the customer and sell it's products. Podcasts now are what blogs were in early 2000's. And if you're not into them, you're missing out.

I know, you think, what does a dubbing mixer has to do with all this. It's a good question, so let me clear this out off the way. First of all, I'm no PR specialist, but since going freelance and starting my own business, I had to go through some marketing lessons, read some books, listen to the gurus and find the ways to implement their teachings in my business life. One thing that they all say is - and write this one down - It's a golden age for Voice. And it will be for some time to come.

Podcasts have been around for over a decade, but it was 2017 during which they have seen the massive boom in popularity and had its major breakthrough. Brands, companies and even individual people have realised that by recording their own podcasts, they can add value not only to their own brand, but also to listeners and the rest of the world by sharing their knowledge and experience. They know, this is a new way to attract new clients and establish their presence in this noisy world. And that costs almost nothing to them. The ROI is well worth it. Raise your hand if you didn't listen to podcasts a year ago, but are listening to now? I can't see yours, but my hand is definitely up. And there're reasons for that.

The first and main reason is that, to listen to Podcast, you can do it at any time, anywhere while doing anything. YouTube, you need to listen and watch, there's literary nothing else you can do while doing that. Podcasts takes just listening. I'm commuting to and from work for 2 hours every day. Those 2 hours I can listen to people that inspire me, people I can learn from, who share their experiences and ideas that helps to improve my life and business. This is a brand's way to engage with customers, to talk about their values, to show their authenticity.

Doing podcasts can be very simple and straight forward. Many content creators just rip the sound of their YouTube videos and upload them as audio onto podcast platforms. The content stays the same, you don't need to have the picture to listen to an interview. Although, this approach will work only for very well established and well known podcasters. A good and clean voice recording is crucial.

In fact, it's not just podcasts, it's Audio and Voice in general that is having its own little Renaissance. Podcasts are just a part of it. You remember when first Siri came out? It was some 8 years ago, and it hasn't left and it won't. In fact, there're few more like that now, because tech companies knows, it's all about less friction and Voice gives you just that. The technologies that engage Voice is booming and it can help you grow tremendously as a brand and as individuals. Don't miss out.

If you're interested in recording your own podcast, you can do that in my studio in Wapping. DM me, I'll be happy to produce a recording, edit it and get it delivered for any podcast platform, so you can share your ideas and knowledge and add value to other peoples' lives.



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