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Filmmaker's Stories podcast - Not For Everyday Filmmaker

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

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The last few months hasn't been easy for me and I won't even try to pretend I understand how the pandemic has affected you. But please accept my wishes for your health of your loved ones.

When lockdown was put in place, most of the work went away in a couple of days, which left me with plenty of downtime and I thought how can I take advantage of this? And there was this side project I've wanted to do for a long time.

Over the years, I have worked with many independent filmmaker's who have approached me for an advice and help to sound supervise and mix their projects. Many of them are first time filmmakers who has passion and dedication to take this enormous task on and follow it through.

Before I take on any project, I want to find out more about the person itself. To see how passionate they are about the film and see if I can connect and relate to it. The experience, the stories and the challenges they went through to get to this point for me is as important as having a well recorded production dialogue. How creative they had to be to achieve the results and how serious they are to make the film work for them once the post production is finished.

I asked some of them if they would want to share their stories with me and others on the record. And this is how 'Filmmaker's Stories' podcast came about.

These filmmaker's are not Oscar or Bafta wining producers and directors, like you hear on any other podcast. These are 'real-life' people like you and me who has courage, passion and drive to follow their dreams and do everything they can to succeed with the tools they have.

Being an independent filmmaker is one of the toughest jobs there is. Have a listen and I hope that hearing other people sharing their experiences and thoughts will help some of you to bring the life back to your dreams and know that peoples' love for filmmaking won't go away, it only resets so it can grow even bigger.


❗️Podcast has been picked up by and listed on their 'Top 35 Filmmaking Podcasts You Must Follow' list! ❗️


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