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Paradise Island Discs

Record your own personal


'Paradise Island Discs' Podcast is a unique experience for family and friends to come together, talk amongst themselves, reflect on their lives, listen to their favourite music tracks and create a personal audio recording - that will stay with them for generations.


The value of these recordings are both timeless and priceless, as will be the opportunity to share their values and life stories for years to come.


only £195

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How it works?

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Step 1

Fill the form below and let us know you want to record your Podcast. We will start to organise the session and provide you with the guidelines on how to best prepare for it.

Record the Show

Step 2

The recording takes place at the studio in Wapping, London. The studio can comfortably accomodate up to 3 people. The studio is equipped with the highest quality microphones and recording equipment to guarantee the best possible sound quality.

This is where we do our magic. We will edit, mix and master the show. Our experienced sound engineers will make sure that the final recording is produced to the broadcast standards, just as you hear on the likes of the BBC. We guarantee the show will be delivered in 5 days.

Step 3

Sit Back

Most recordings are under an hour, which when adding the music tracks, makes the total length of around 90 minutes. This seems to be the optimal length of the 'Paradise Island Discs' Podcast.


Black Friday Offer


only £195

Don't miss out on exclusive offer and save £100.

What people say

‘Janis was extremely helpful and efficient throughout our recording. Everything we needed was prepared in advance so we could get started straight away and remain comfortable throughout the session. The end result is superb. Clear, well edited and excellent sound quality. I highly recommend using Janis to produce your recording.'



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