How  To

Record Podcasts Remotely

Record Podcasts

From The Comfort of

Your Own Home


There are several ways to record podcast remotely. 

The most popular is using Zoom, Skype or Hangouts. For many podcasters it is all they need.

However, most of the podcaster's audio quality is suffering from the low quality audio recordings. The popular conference call providers has reduced the broadcast quality to accomodate the vast amounts of calls that are happening at any one time. This results in conversations dropping out mid-word, adding audio artefacts which results in loosing overall quality of the podcast and loosing the attention of listeners.

Do you want your podcast to loose listeners or provide high quality easy-to-listen podcasts?

We use a specific software that allows us to link up with anyone in the world and record high quality voice recordings - including podcasts interviews. All anyone need is a laptop and a microphone (which we provide). 

We will help you setting everything else up. It's really that simple.


Once you are set-up, you can record high quality podcasts yourself, or we can do it for you.


We will also edit and mix the podcasts to industry standard specifications and will make sure your podcasts stands out, not just with the content, but it will also have high quality audio recordings.

What You Get?

- Brand new podcast microphone shipped straight to your home.

- 1-2-1 advice and assistance in setting up your recording workstation.

- Record a high quality podcast (much higher quality than Skype, Zoom etc).

- Record a podcast with up to 3 other people. 

- Get the podcast edited, mixed and delivered in 12 hrs. 

Do you want to find out how you can record a professional quality podcasts from your home ?

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